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White Papers

As an award-winning healthcare marketing and branding agency with over 15 years of experience, Active Imagination strives to stay ahead of the trends in the healthcare industry and deliver innovative campaigns for clients. We are anxious to share our healthcare expertise and knowledge gained over the years through our white papers.
The Doctor is In: Marketing a Freestanding Emergency Care Center
“Hospitals are so five minutes ago,” one healthcare journalist has noted. While hospitals are in fact, alive and well, the doctor is also “in” at a growing number of freestanding emergency care centers springing up in affluent, suburban areas across the United States.
Include “Inside Branding” in Your Marketing Mix: Make Your Facility an Effective Storyteller, Too
Human beings visit healthcare facilities. They come as patients, family members of patients, or friends. They come seeking advice, relief from disease, even hope. They may have come to the healthcare facility through some external branding effort. They may visit because of a physician’s referral.
Generation Y Marketing
Active Imagination founder and co-principal Adam Nisenson shares his insight on marketing to Generation Y. This paper is to be printed as an article in Smith & Street's Sports Business Journal.