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Client Raves

Active Imagination has established a reputation for outstanding quality, creativity and dedication to telling a compelling story. But donít take our word for it Ė we let our clients and our awards speak for themselves.
"I found AI's brand story process quite enlightening, as well as thought provoking. Something no business should do without before venturing into the market. I felt the process in depth and the approach quite refreshing. Moreover you come away from the process right away knowing that this is something that is going to help rather than just another USP exercise which might or might not hit the target."

Kashif Aftbal

"Active Imagination consistently delivers a product that we can truly say has played a significant role in our meteoric growth and success."

Stephen Rosenbloom
Senior Vice President of Marketing
U.S. Physical Therapy

"It is always nice to work with a team who understands the importance of meeting deadlines and respecting budgets."

Pamela Speer Lewis
Sr. Director for Development
University of Texas Health Science Center

"Your talent, knowledge and expertise in healthcare marketing offers an exclusive blend of visual design with strategic marketing which helped us find our story."

DeAnna Vargas
Marketing Manager
Global Healthcare Alliance

"Active Imagination didn't have to learn our business, they already had the insight and the expertise to really make our message pop."

Rhonda Elmore
Marketing Director
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

"I had no idea how little I knew about my brand until Active Imagination took our target market and every aspect of our brand much deeper."

Victor Miranda, M.D.
Founding Partner
Emergency Health Centre

"What Active Imagination has created for us is a new and exciting tool to train physicians at their convenience. Their expertise in healthcare combined with their talents in video and interactive media has given us a new standardized method of training."

Jonathan Alexander
Director of Sales and Marketing
HealthTronics Surgical Services

"We walked away with not just a logo and icon, but a brand that represents our goals and objectives."

John Adams
President and CEO
Global Healthcare Alliance

"The unflagging enthusiasm, ability to quickly grasp a situation and learn tremendous amounts of details, tenacity and pursuit of excellence were all the reasons that we are happy that Active Imagination was at the helm of our project."

Marilyn Cordovi
Director of Corporate Communications
St. Lukeís Episcopal Hospital

"Every piece you have done has been perfect--capturing the excitement and energy of our events and telling the story of Texas Children's Hospital."

Julie Bergen
Director of Development
Texas Children's Hospital

"I selected Active Imagination's video department based on their knowledge of the healthcare industry, as well as their quality of work. To my delight, they proved to be fantastic to work with, and effectively communicated our message."

Bill Zander
Marketing Manager
Texas Children's Hospital

"Active Imagination created a brand and collateral that illustrates the vision of our practice in a fresh and modern way. Amazingly, they were able to take our limited input and suggestions and creatively run with it."

"This experience [AI's brand story process] was priceless. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process from start to finish and the staff at Active Imagination were both fun & professional. I'm confident this BrandStory will bring our company the results that we desire."

Lori Battle
Recruiting Manager