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Healthtronics OssatronChallenge
HealthTronics manufactures the OssaTron, an FDA-approved device for the non-surgical treatment of chronic heel and elbow pain using high-energy shockwaves. Sending OssaTron trainers to physicians’ offices throughout the U.S. proved costly, so HealthTronics turned to Active Imagination for a simpler, more cost-effective training method. The new method had to engage the busy physicians and communicate the necessary information clearly and concisely. It also had to be easy and inexpensive to administer and include an evaluation mechanism to ensure that the doctors understood how to operate the equipment safely and effectively after training.



Active Imagination combined design, multimedia, video and web-integration to create an interactive training program on CD that could be mailed to physicians. Doctors could easily navigate through the user-friendly, web-like interface to view video explanations of the intricacies of using the OssaTron.


To ensure that the doctors understood the machine’s operation, the program included a web-integrated certification test. Doctors could take the test from their desks after viewing the information, and the program automatically notified HealthTronics when a doctor successfully completed the certification. This training program not only assisted doctors in learning to use the OssaTron, but also helped to position HealthTronics as a resource and partner for the doctors.



Through use of the interactive training program on CD, HealthTronics’ training costs decreased and clients were better able to understand and use the OssaTron. The interactive CD enabled doctors to use the OssaTron more effectively, therefore increasing client satisfaction and improving HealthTronics’ reputation.


"What Active Imagination has created for us is a new and exciting tool to train physicians at their convenience. Their expertise in healthcare combined with their talents in video and interactive media has given us a new standardized method of training."

- Jonathan Alexander, Director of Sales and Marketing, HealthTronics