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U.S. Physical Therapy

U.S. Physical TherapyChallenge

U.S. Physical Therapy’s brand, reputation and business had suffered under an unsuccessful effort to move away from the company’s unique “partnership” model to a more standard, corporate-based model. After abandoning the new model and returning to the idea of partnership, USPT turned to Active Imagination to rehabilitate their image and reconnect with their core audience.



Active Imagination focused on re-telling USPT’s original story of partnership and the freedom of practitioners’ owning their own clinics. Using a visual style dominated by street signs guiding therapists down USPT’s path to clinic ownership, Active Imagination cast USPT as a “regular guy” in the physical therapy market; capable of turning the physical therapist into a hero who owns his or her own business. Active Imagination also developed a relevant, catchy URL that clearly communicated with USPT’s target audience:



As a result of Active Imagination’s efforts, USPT’s inbound pipeline is full of partnership candidates, and the company is free to focus on selecting and assisting the most qualified candidates instead of just trying to get enough applicants to make the program worthwhile. The company is unified under a consistent and clear branding message, and at the time of this writing, stock prices are up by more than 30% since April of 2005.


Active Imagination found an effective way to share the compelling story of USPT’s partnership program, which led to positive differentiation between USPT and the competition, a deepening of client relationships, and a significant return on USPT’s investment. More than that, Active Imagination managed to meet or exceed all of USPT’s goals for the campaign and completed the project on-time and within the budget.


"Active Imagination consistently delivers a product that we can truly say has played a significant role in our meteoric growth and success."

- Stephen Rosenbloom, Senior Vice President of Marketing, U.S. Physical Therapy