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Beryt Nisenson

Beryt Nisenson

Principal, Chief Storyteller, Producer


Beryt Nisenson is a strategic marketing expert and branding consultant with more than 13 years of experience telling clients’ stories. Clients count on Beryt for her ability to communicate their brand message clearly to their target audiences through a variety of written and visual media.


An honors graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in broadcast journalism, Beryt’s career began as a video producer. Her excellence in this field earned her a total of four Emmy Awards, as well as numerous Telly Awards and Healthcare Marketing Awards.


Beryt’s award-winning body of production work includes broadcast television specials, product launches, corporate identity pieces, documercials, video news releases, motivational programs, training videos and satellite broadcasts, along with promotional programs of all kinds.


Beryt’s experience in storytelling through television and video translates into successful strategic marketing and the ability to guide each client through his or her own unique brand storytelling. She understands the “big picture,” identifies the main characters and weaves them together in a compelling plot that speaks to the consumer, enabling her clients to connect with their target markets in meaningful and highly effective ways.

Since joining Active Imagination in 1998, Beryt has worked primarily with clients in the healthcare industry, including St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Texas Children’s Hospital, Global Healthcare Alliance, University of Texas Medical Branch and U.S. Physical Therapy. Beryt is also an expert in working with sports teams and their healthcare sponsors to create innovative cross-marketing strategies that create highly productive results for both the team and the sponsor.


Beryt is happily married to her business partner, Adam. Her greatest production and most important client is their son, Joshua Rush.