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What’s different about Active Imagination’s BrandStory Process?

Picture a company’s executives listening to an ordinary sales presentation: they’re sitting back in their chairs, eyes drooping, bored, disinterested and not likely to buy the product or service being pitched based on this presentation.


Now picture a children’s story time at your local library: the children are sitting forward with wide, bright eyes focused on the reader, crowding as close as they can get to better hear the story. They’re engaged and excited about the story, and will probably race to tell their parents and friends about it as soon as story time is over.


Active Imagination believes that people are tired of being “sold” to. And whether you’re offering a product, a service or an idea, if your message isn’t getting through to your target audience, then really – what’s the point?


Instead, of traditional marketing methods, we believe in the power of storytelling, the most engaging method of communication. We take our cues from the most enduring stories of all time, borrowing ideas and structure from mythology, Hollywood feature films, fairy tales and bestselling novels.


Using some basic tenets as our guidelines, we craft an identity that tells the story of your company and product. We use our BrandStory Process to ensure that your brand identity not only reaches your target audience, but attracts them like a magnet, helping you to see bottom line results.


For an in-depth explanation of our BrandStory Process, click here.