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Global Healthcare Alliance

Global Healthcare Alliance, a Houston-based business service provider of medical billing services for healthcare providers and claims processing software for healthcare payors was ready to expand. The company had worked with a select group of clients for more than twenty years, but after winning several prestigious technology awards, the time was right to tap into both the regional and national market. Understanding the challenges associated with such an enormous undertaking, Global Healthcare Alliance asked Active Imagination to spearhead its rebranding effort.

Active Imagination played a crucial role in Globalís rebranding process. In addition to designing Globalís new logo and renaming the companyís award-winning products, Active Imaginationís unparalleled healthcare expertise was instrumental in every step of Globalís strategic marketing and branding initiatives. AIís chief officers facilitated numerous strategy sessions intended to discern Globalís goals in the marketplace, drilling down to understand Globalís primary targets and the best ways the organization could reach them. Active Imagination also helped Global recognize its unique position as both a payor and a provider, helping the company craft a mission statement built around ďbridging the gapĒ between the two separate, yet integrated, entities.
From determining the brandís direction and target demographic to assisting with the development of a successful market research study, Active Imagination became Globalís trusted healthcare marketing partner. In order to ensure that every aspect of the Global brand was clearly understood, Active Imagination employed its proprietary BrandStory Process and isolated all elements of the Global Healthcare Alliance brand, thus creating a clear representation of the companyís history, competition and customers. Using the data collected from the process, Active Imagination and Global Healthcare Alliance chose the Ruler archetype for the brand: since Global Healthcare Allianceís superior products offer its clients control, and thus power, over their businesses, the brand became synonymous with these traits, traits clearly connected to the ruler archetype.
The data garnered from the BrandStory Process was also instrumental in crafting Global Healthcare Allianceís new look and feel. For the design, Active Imagination developed printed and online collateral that was professional, controlled and sophisticated, just like the Ruler archetype and the Global brand itself. The collateral also brought attention to the companyís internet-based products through its globe-like ďGĒ logo, which also appears to be in motion, illustrating the fast momentum of both the healthcare industry and the Global HCA culture.

Global Healthcare Allianceís rebranding efforts have proven to be very successful with the brandís two target audiences Ė insurance payors and medical providers. The new look-and-feel of the brand is modern and powerful, and it clearly portrays Global as the industry leader. Within six months of introducing the new collateral, including the companyís new logo, brochure, trade show booth and website, Global Healthcare Alliance saw sales more than double, many a result of qualified website hits on the new site. Additionally, Active Imaginationís proprietary BrandStory process helped Global obtain a 360-degree understanding of its brand and target demographic, information that continues to guide Globalís marketing and branding efforts.
"Your talent, knowledge and expertise in healthcare marketing offers an exclusive blend of visual design with strategic marketing which helped us find our story."
- DeAnna Vargas, Marketing Manager, Global Healthcare Alliance