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Sometimes the marketing strategy process can be obscure, confusing and even intimidating. In many cases, a complete stranger meets with you for a couple of hours, disappears for some predetermined time and then returns to tell you exactly what you should do to recreate your brand and implement your new marketing plan. You might be a little skeptical of this so-called expert; after all, he only spent a couple of hours with you. Does he really know your brand? Does he get your customers? Is he creating a custom branding and marketing plan that's 100% right for you?


At Active Imagination, we understand that a great marketing and branding strategy requires a team approach. We don't just work for our clients - we work with our clients, communicating with them regularly and actively encouraging them to be involved in all steps of the marketing and branding process. And what are these steps? Although we're proud to say that no Active Imagination project is typical, we'll make an exception - just this once.



  • Initial meeting and input session with the client
  • Determine what the client needs to accomplish and what restrictions or preferences are attached to the project


  • Introduce Account Executive
  • Possibly meet again with the client to refine the project scope, goals and techniques
  • Develop an estimate
  • Submit estimate
  • Client approves estimate

Brandstory Strategy Process

  • Client meets with consultants on their brand
  • Strategy is developed and submitted to client
  • Client approves strategy

Creative Brief/Direction

  • Using information gathered in previous sessions, Account Executive writes a creative brief
    • Creative Brief Description
  • Client approves Creative Brief
  • Design team and creative director meet to discuss
  • Design Process Begins

Brainstorm Process

  • Mood Boards Drawn up
  • Boards presented to client
  • Together, the CD, AD and AE ensure that the designer's work fits the specs

Project Management
  • PM will monitor project from this point
  • TM will push the project through the house internally

Design Phase
  • Sketches drawn up for project based on CB
  • Sketches reviewed by CD and AD who suggest possible improvements or revisions
  • Sketches approved internally, designers take concepts to professional design applications
  • First draft submitted to AD and revised
  • Round 1 is submitted to client
  • Designers make changes on clients feedback, this process is repeated with in estimate scope

Design Approval
  • Client approves finished work
  • Designers prepare product for pub. printing or delivering to client
  • Final product delivered


  • A few weeks after the work has been completed, Active Imaginationís team may meet again with the client to ensure that the strategy is achieving the goals it was intended to achieve.
  • The team and the client discuss possible ways that the strategy could be improved.
  • Clients are asked to complete a brief online questionnaire about the effectiveness of the project and offer any comments or suggestions for improvement.