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BrandStory Process

BrandStory is Active Imagination's strategic approach to branding. The BrandStory process was crafted early in our history, and refined over more than a decade of working with healthcare clients and their brand identities. From the very beginning, we learned to ask the question, “What’s your story?”

Today, we apply an archetype-based strategy that begins with defining your unique brand identity—the brand’s beginnings, what your brand stands for and what it represents to your audience. We further explore the forces that impact your business—competition, industry changes and business objectives—to identify what drives consumers to make healthcare buying decisions.

The data gleaned from this process serves to create the core messaging and narrative—the backbone of every branding initiative that we undertake for your organization. Then, it is a consistent, methodical dissemination of these messages that helps to create the emotional ties that bind with your audience.

Our storytelling approach enhances the impact of every touchpoint of your brand, while ensuring that every marketing dollar you invest delivers the healthiest possible return.


So how does it work?


Depending on your business objectives, BrandStory can be executed in one of four ways:


BrandStory Audit

Based primarily on information provided by the client, a BrandStory Audit examines current or proposed marketing materials for story cohesiveness, marketing strategy and visual aesthetics.  A BrandStory Audit often is a first step for clients who are unsure whether their story is communicated effectively through the organization's current channels.



BrandStory is usually carried out in either one 4-6 hour or two 3 hour sessions. They are usually held on-site at the Active Imagination offices, or off-site at a retreat location.


BrandStory is the base of Active Imagination's approach - utilizing the timeless tools of archetyping and storytelling to define an organization's brand. It is invaluable to companies in transition who are looking to reach the next level, or for new companies who want to enter the market with a clear story that deeply connects with their target audience. BrandStory includes a BrandStory Audit, a competitive archetypal analysis, the BrandStory Sessions and the BrandStory Source Book, which codifies all findings in an easy to use reference bible.


BrandStory findings drive design concepts for corporate identity, collateral materials and communication campaigns.


BrandStory Lite

BrandStory Lite is an abridged version of the BrandStory process. It usually takes place in one session, and focuses primarily on archetypal identity definition. BrandStory Lite is ideal for clients who already have an established brand, but are looking to infuse it with more depth and character.


BrandStory Lite encompasses a BrandStory Audit, and a half-day BrandStory Process.

BrandStory Lite findings are at the base of concepts for any printed, web or video deliverables.


BrandStory with Business Identity Package

This package includes all of the deliverables from the BrandStory session, plus the graphic design requirements for a small- to medium-sized organizational re-branding, or a start-up of a new company. These items usually include:

  • Logo Design (three concepts, with three rounds of revisions)
  • Identity Package (two concepts, with two rounds of revisions of letterhead, business card, stationery, #10 envelope and formal thank you card with envelope)
Once the business identity package has been created, these concepts serve as guideposts for other deliverables, including the corporate web design, brochures and other items as needed.