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Active Imagination isnít located in my area. Why should I hire an out-of-town firm when there are plenty of firms in my area that I could work with?

There are advantages to be had by working with a local agency, but there are also advantages to working with a firm that has a specific focus on healthcare and proven experience with clients such as Texas Childrenís Hospital, Global Healthcare Alliance, U.S. Physical Therapy and other healthcare organizations across the country.


With email, overnight delivery, teleconferencing technology and the capability to view project schedules and approve work online, working with Active Imagination is as convenient as working with a local firm. In todayís marketplace, the quality of a firmís work and its ability to communicate your organizationís message is much more important than its physical location.


If supporting local businesses is important to your organization, we will happily work with vendors in your area to help you support the economy of your hometown.


Still not convinced that we can be as easy to work with as the agency down the street? Email us or call us at 713-528-6100 and let us convince you.